I will train you to get the American accent

train you to get the American accent
train you to get the American accent
train you to get the American accent

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Description Newbie I Package ($5 OFF-10x) Newbie II Package beginner I Package
  - The Placement (basic) - The vowels: Schwa & AH - Audio Feedback - The Placement - The vowels: Schwa & AH & AA - Audio Feedback 2x - Skype Lesson (20min) - The Placement - The vowels: Schwa & AH & AA & AW - Audio Lesson - Audio Feedback 3x - Skype
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About This Gig

Want to master the American accent and get a real, comprehensive feedback? It's time to master the American accent and American English pronunciation now! 

You'll soon  acknowledge the secrets of getting the American accent. In this package you will become aware of deep secrets (that nobody ever talks about) and some of the fundamental concepts of the American English. Not only that, you are going to get a chance to practice and consciously and subconsciously incorporate new concepts into your English speech.

Package includes:
  • Tongue & sound placement 
  • Spelling-pronunciation concept 
  • Audio lessons & exercises 
  • Some of the main vowels
  • Speech Feedback
  • Deep incorporation

How it works:
- You will introduce yourself and talk about yourself for about 5-6 minutes and then you send your recording to me.
- I will give you Audio/textual feedback for the things you need to work on for getting rid of your accent. 
-  I'm to introduce the concept of "pronunciation" and the placement for you.
- I will teach you the vowels, diphthongs or the consonants. I will provide the exercises and audio lessons.
- Skype lessons.

Money Back Guarantee* 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I master the American accent in a week or so?
    No, but you will be one step closer to the real american Accent. You will see huge improvement in first few months if you train yourself a lot and build up a criticizing mindset in terms of correcting your pronunciation on the daily basis.
  • How long will it take me to master the American accent if I train hard?
    Maximum 4-5 years.
  • Will you refund the money if I'm not satisfied by your package?
    Absolutely yes! Just give explanations and you money will be refunded.
  • Why do these package options don't have all of the concepts (sounds, vowels etc)?
    This is a beginner's package and therefore it does not induced all of the things you need to implement into your speech to get rid of your accent. Once you reach a certain mediocre/average level, then you can move to the next level (Look forward to other gigs for more)
  • Why are the prices so high compared to other gigs on fiverr.com?
    It is because the information I share is priceless and golden. You will learn everything COMPREHENSIVELY and get to know the Secrets or the aspects of American English pronunciation/accent deeply. The conceptions that nobody ever talks about!