I will proofread up to 4,000 words of your document

proofread up to 4,000 words of your document

About This Gig

Currently a junior at Ashford University, I love to write. My friends are always asking me to read over the essays they write and offer edits and solutions to make them better.
Now I'm offering that to the internet!
I will proofread and mark an errors that I come across. Depending on what you want, I may fix the errors myself OR mark them so you can see the errors (practice makes perfect)!
Additionally, I will offer any advice on how to make your papers stand out more. This might include ideas such as moving sentences around, adding more words to make certain sections stronger, etc. Whatever I feel would make it better is what I'll suggest!
My primary target is students, but I'm, of course, open to anything!

Almost always, I will get the paper back to you within 24 hours. There are special circumstances (things happen) where I might need two days, but I foresee that being of the rare variety.

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2 days delivery