I will advice you on your relationship issues

advice you on your relationship issues

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Love, Romance and Intimacy – Relationship Coaching

You want a relationship that is truly fulfilling. You want to enjoy and be happy in a life with love, romance and intimacy. You want to care, and be cared for.  You sometimes want to be help, hugged, loved and shown that you are special.

Sometimes, it does not happen. Sometimes you may get into relationships for different reasons, that were not aligned towards what you really wanted. Sometimes individuals evolve in different directions. This leads to problems between the couple. Problems happen when one partner wants to achieve something different that the other. This leads to conflict, separation, isolation and emotional turmoil.

I am an expereinced relationship coach and would answer your questions abotu relationship issues you may be facing. In this gig, you can ask 5 questions .

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Relationship Advice

I will advice you on relationship issues you are facing. I will answer five question in one gig.

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