I will be your Professional Session Singer

be your Professional Session Singer

About This Gig


I am a professional singer and Professor of Voice and have been performing for over 20 years!  I complete projects professionally and give you the highest quality of musicianship.  

I will sing a line, chorus, jingle, verse, or hook.  

Please contact me with your project details and we can discuss pricing.

General Pricing:

Sample Session - One line, hook or jingle (dry) - $5
You provide the melody & lyrics.  No revisions.

Basic Session - Up to 30 seconds of vocal (dry) - $15
You provide melody and lyrics. One revision.

Deluxe Session- Up to 3 minutes of vocal (dry) - $50
You provide melody and lyrics. 

  • Backing track with no vocal
  • Backing track with guide vocal
  • Typed lyrics (if any unusual words, please provide phonetic pronunciation or audio)

Custom orders are available if the above does not meet your needs.

Please contact me before placing your order so I can verify that I can do your project.

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