I will record Hoffner Violin Beatles bass guitar professionally

record Hoffner Violin Beatles bass guitar professionally

About This Gig

After the succes of my 'Professionally record guitars for you' gig I now also offer my services as a bass player here on Fiverr. 

Who doesn't love the sound of Paul McCartney's bass? It's warm, deep sounding tone gives every song the foundation that it needs. 

What I can do for you:

  1. Record a Höffner Violin 'Beatles' bass
  2. Give your track an authentic Beatles feel
  3. Bring your production to the next level by adding real bass
Many clients have enjoyed my bass recordings. They describe it as solid, functional and creative. I can now do the same for your production here on Fiverr. 

Please note I'm not a Beatles songs cover player. I just really love the sound of that bass and think it fits almost every production. 

Please send me a message before ordering if you have any questions. I hope to be working with you soon!