I will translate up to 1000 words of text to or from spanish

translate up to 1000 words of text to or from spanish
translate up to 1000 words of text to or from spanish

About This Gig

Get professional grade Native Spanish translations!

I will translate up to 1000 words from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

  • Advertising (flyers, brochures, classifieds, etc... )
  • Creative Writing (books - including erotica!, articles, fanfics, etc... )
  • Web content (blog posts, emails, etc... )
  • Essays
  • And more!

Why choose me?

I am to give you the best possible service. I personally translate every piece! There are no machine-assisted translations lowering the quality of the outcome. You will get your work translated and proofread by a native Spanish speaker. 
Though I'm a native Spanish speaker I've been reading, writing and speaking English for more than half my life. I've been in the translation business for over two years now, and can provide you quality work on either language.

Privacy Policy

You can be 100% confident that your files will never be shared with anyone. All material sent for translation and proofreading will be kept private, though occasionally quotations might be used for my portfolio. I inquire beforehand if I plan to use a quotation, but you can feel free to request up front that your file be kept 100% private. 

Filetypes accepted:
doc, docx, rtf, txt, pdf


Basic professional grade translation with proofreading.

  • Proofreading
4 days delivery 0 Revisions
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you really take a week to deliver?
    If I have no queued requests at the time, delivery might be as fast as 1-2 days. It all depends on the workload.
  • What about commercial rights?
    You of course retain all commercial rights of your piece, there is no need to pay any translation royalties afterwards. In the case of print books and ebooks, you must still provide a "translated by" on the copyright page.