I will create TWO stunning video montage for your business

I am really pleased with the whole buying experience. Ashwin is very prompt in replying my enquiries. The video done up was really awesome & creative. Would definitely order again. Thank you!
Reviewed by alexandergwc 8 months ago
great service !
Reviewed by marybourke 9 months ago
create TWO stunning video montage for your business

About This Gig

I will help you make your design work standout online by creating TWO stunning HD visual up to 2 minutes each. This will help to grab more buyer attention. I will use hand pick themes based on type of property & conceptualise it. I can also tell a story within if needed to. 

Showcase your listings in a better way
Easy to share on social media – Facebook, Whatsapp, etc
Build your own business brand
Call-to-action can direct interested buyers to your website
Add customized captions & text
100% authenticated music track will be included

Terms & Conditions:
1. The minimum length of the video advertisement is 30 secs and the maximum is 2 minutes. 
2. Upload a minimum of 6 pictures and a maximum of 50 pictures.
3. The theme of the video shall be randomly picked and professional conceptualization shall be applied with the appropriate background music. 
4. You may opt to upload your own background music provided it meets the licensing conditions.
5. Final video will be in .MP4 format at HD 1080p resolution and can be directly downloaded from URL. Output video is between 100 to 500MB. 
6. Specify your expectations of the under the questions section as you checkout on Fiverr here.

Order Details

1 day delivery UNLIMITED Revisions
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