I will be your Image Maker

be your Image Maker

About This Gig

Being a man of a good taste (at least that’s what they tell me), I'm here to be your Image Maker

Your image consists of a lot of things

Is the way you talk or the way you walk. Is the way you drink or the way you think. Is the way you dress or just anything else

Based on General Psychology, Human Relationships & Interaction and Sexual Psychology, I will improve your image and everything that needs to be changed


For 5$

I will be your genuine & professional Image Maker. You can ask me up to 15 questions. Of course, any follow-up questions will be answered as well (Based on these 15Q)



Do you need it to be PERSONAL?: You will get the Full Image Making Experience in each of the following categories:

Talking / Dressing / Walking / Thinking / Standing Out / Etc.

One gig will get you a rework in just one of those categories

Do you need something more specific?: Whether you want to know specific lines to use in a conversation or if you want me to search for clothes and find out anything that suits you, this is the gig you want. I will do research and give you optical material about each category

One gig will get you optical material in just one of those categories