I will test your website from users perspective and comment on it

test your website from users perspective and comment on it

About This Gig

Hello and thank you for your valuable time!

I know how hard it is to get your website work perfectly on every browser and every device.

This is where I come in!


I can test it in three different devices: 

PC / Tablet / Smartphone


For 5$

I will test your website for 15 minutes. 

This practically means that it will be tested in one device and also one browser because I want to do a professional and an in depth testing to each and every aspect of your website.

You will also get a full written review of my testing, commenting on anything I will eventually come across, along with screenshots from every tested piece of it.

For more time you can purchase more gigs. 

You can contact me and show me your website in order to let you know how much time I need for a full testing in each browser.

PC Browsers:

Internet Explorer – Opera – Firefox – Chrome – Netscape – Safari – Maxthon

Tablet & Smartphone Browsers:

Default – APUS – UC – CM – Firefox – Opera – Chrome – Baidu – Dolphin – Maxthon – Mercury – ONE – Yandex – Boat

If you want the full testing experience in all the available devices please contact me and we will make you an offer along with a Custom Order.