I will work on the Body Language of your Public Speech

work on the Body Language of your Public Speech

About This Gig

The most important and difficult part of a Public Speech is the correct use of Body Language

Body language can easily be misleading, saying one thing and showing another. If this is on purpose then it’s OK, but most of the times it isn’t.

Having a BSc in Psychology, as well as my further education in Human Relationships & Interaction will help me giving you the right advice and guidelines on how to give the perfect public speech.

It can be anything, from your body posture and movement to your clothing, voice tone and PowerPoint presentation.


For 5$

I will give you 30 general guidelines regarding body language, body posture, clothing and voice tone.

More gigs meaning more guidelines.


I have some very usefull "Extras" regarding:

  • An opinion on your Speech
  • Various changes and rewriting of your Speech
  • Working on details of your presentation (Clothing / Body Posture / Voice Tone / PowerPoint / Anything Else)
  • Making a video improvising your Speech using the right Body Langue, Body Posture and Tone of Voice ★Highly Recommended★

!! Please Check my Extras !!