I will write you a FANTASTIC short story, starting from 500 words

write you a FANTASTIC short story, starting from 500 words

About This Gig

I will write you an amazing short story, of any genre, starting from 500 words (1 gig).

The content and genre of the story can be provided by you, or I can come up with something myself if you would prefer?

I'm more than capable of providing you with amazing content, as I'm now a published author. My very first short story ( A horror, entitled "A Mother's Embrace"), is currently in the process of being published in a number of highly popular fiction publications (an achievement I'm hugely proud of).
On top of this, I've co-authored a very successful property manual, and also published my very own Zombie series (Hope's Passing) via Amazon.

I love writing, as it is something I'm extremely passionate about. I have a 100% positive rating here on fiverr (see my other gigs) and I strive to bring my customers the best, every single time.

As I've been writing for a number of years now, I can provide you with a top quality, captivating, exciting, intriguing, and entertaining story of any genre, although I must admit that Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi are my favourites. 
I'm willing to make any changes to the work that you request, and won't stop until YOU are happy with what you read.