I will provide you with a relocation astrology report

provide you with a relocation astrology report

About This Gig

Before the days of international travel, people tended to stay very close to where they were born, however nowadays people can travel much further afield.  The relocated natal chart will reveal the influences you are likely to experience in a different location.  This report will show what you can expect from the new location whether it is good or bad – you are looking for a good balance.  You can also use the place where you are now to see what areas of your life are the strongest or weakest there.

This can be an invaluable tool if you are planning a holiday or business trip and can also be useful when you are considering setting up home somewhere else as well as finding out if where you live now is the right place for you.

To order this gig you must supply your date of birth, place of birth and time (if known, if you don’t know, state whether you were born day or night so noon or midnight is used) and also state the place you wish to move to.