I will coach you for the TOEFL test

coach you for the TOEFL test

About This Gig

I will coach you in the TOEFL test on skype, which is required for migrating to English speaking countries or for applying to certain universities and is an alternative to IELTS. I will introduce you to the TOEFL test and explain to you how each of the 4 sections in the test work. I will assess your current standing in these sections and I will give you tips to improve each of the 4 sections, namely reading, listening, speaking and writing. I will create a study plan for you and when to start practicing mock tests. All of these can be done in an hour's skype session. After you have followed my suggestions and practiced a bit, you can send me 3 of your speaking samples and 2 writing samples for assessment as an extra gig.

I have taken the TOEFL test consecutively in the last years and I also have a good score. I wish you the best!

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2 days delivery


One hour online session where I introduce you to TOEFL, assess you and suggest areas to focus.