I will create professional sound effects for your film or animation

create professional sound effects for your film or animation
create professional sound effects for your film or animation

About This Gig

Get original, professional quality sound design for your video, film or animation from an award winning sound designer & audio engineer with professional facilities.

  • Complete sound design including foley, sound effects, ambience etc.
  • Original sounds from my own recordings or sourced from exclusive libraries, customized to fit your project perfectly
  • Delivery in high resolution .wav or any other format of your choice
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, I'll keep refining until you're happy or I'll refund you, no drama, no bad reviews
  • Proper licensing, no copyright drama
  • Mixed to your spec or international standards

  • $10 for every 1/4 min of video (e.g. 45s video = 3 x $10)
  • $25 setup fee for videos <20 seconds
  • $50 setup fee for videos >20 seconds
  • Maximum duration of 8 minutes

Instead of ordering from this page, contact me. I will create a custom offer for you and work towards your budget and discuss the project in detail with you. Every project is unique so let's talk about it and make sure you get exactly what you need. 
Again, don't order here, please contact me to discuss your project. I will happily create a cheaper, custom offer for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what format should the turnover be?
    The turnover aka your picture, EDLs, audio files etc. should be sent in the following formats: Picture: Quicktime Movie at 720p, or higher, all Quicktime formats acceptable (H.264, Apple Pro Res 422, Photo-JPEG preferred). A timecode burn-in is very much encouraged. Audio: Whatever you have!
  • What is ITU BS.1770-3, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, TR-B32 or OP-59
    All these cryptic designations refer to broadcast standards for the audio portion of a broadcast. Several countries have legislation in place that requires publicly transmitted broadcasts to adhere to these standards. For more specific information feel free to get in touch.