I will create a one sheet for music or art promotion for $5

create a one sheet for music or art promotion
create a one sheet for music or art promotion

About This Gig

I have been writing about music, arts, and literature for over five years. I am the founder and editor of Sergeant Sparrow Records a former music, arts, and literature magazine and record label. We now function primarily as a blog bringing our readers new and up-to-date information on DIY creators. We have over 30,000 views and many visitors daily. In addition to promoting music we seek to build a community of creators. I have created a number of press campaigns for our artists and know what the press is looking for in order to write about your project. 

Do you need a  press release?  I will help you create a one page press release with the template shown, which is standard when approaching blogs or other publications. I can help you look more professional when presenting your work. Without proper presentation your project may be overlooked. 

Having a one sheet helps the people interested in your music get an idea for who you are as an artist, gives them some background into your creativity, and helps them to write interesting and informative reviews. This is a must have in the industry.