I will read someones mind and implant remove thoughts

read someones mind and implant remove thoughts
read someones mind and implant remove thoughts

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Description Basic Gig Mind Control Implant/ Delete Gig Mind Control and Energy Package.
  I will read the person of your choosing and let you know what they are thinking. Implant something into their mind and delete something from their mind. One of each only please. Mind control, delete 3 things from their mind, place 3 things in their mind plus reading.
Delivery Time 5 days
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About This Gig

Want to know what someone thinks of you? I bet you'd love to know what they really think of you!

Maybe they are not talking, or are busy and seem a little distant?

I will read their mind and let you know exactly what they think of you....

There are also extras available when you purchase to implant a message of your choosing into the person's mind! This is amazingly fast and does the job! It does take a while to do so you won't get any mind control services with the basic gig, just the mind reading but bear in mind, this is a very rare service and I promise you, you will finally get to know what that person thinks of you. 

You may ask questions but only up to three please. Some people send lots of questions and this complicates the issue and so it is much better to focus on up to three.

If you wish to implant a message of your choosing to them, we can do that, it is an extra and we can also delete something from their mind as well, because of the energy use in this listing, there are different packages available for which you can choose what you have!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my spell be cast?
    Your spell will be cast as soon as possible normally within five days, your order will be marked as delivered when this is done.
  • When can I expect results from my spell?
    Results can and do vary, no accurate timing can be guaranteed as spell cast timing results ranges from 1 day to three weeks, although most manifest within 21 days (3 weeks) some can take longer, depending on the spell, every single spell case is different.