I will turn your idea into an app for iPhone or iPad

About This Gig

The mobile app business is booming, especially on the most profitable platform, iOS. Have an app idea for iPhone or iPad that you're just dying to release? Or do you want an app tailored exactly to your specific need?

Many people would like an app that is specific to them but would never be sold on the store just because of how niche their need is. I can make an app that that will tailor to you exactly. Furthermore I will ensure that you are 100% happy for what you are paying for and I won't stop until everything is up to your standards, please don't be afraid to ask for anything!

Sign up for the service and you'll have your very own app in days!

Please Note: the $25 price plan includes the whole app! For a whole app you will not find a better price.

I offer my source code for free and all my code is written in Xcode and in Swift. What this means is that you app will be 100% responsive. You'll understand the importance of this if you've ever used an app that feels slow and unresponsive. You can rest assured that any app you buy from me will fast and feel great. Furthermore I only make apps with the newest technologies so you know you'll be getting an app that is up to date app!

Order Details

Your very own app!

I will design a small app tailored exactly for you! You'll have your very own app within days.

  • 1 Operating System
  • Include Source Code
4 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide app icons and graphical assets?
    I am not a designer and therefore cannot provide app icons and the like. However there are a number of other services that can do this for a small fee. Generally if you want the icon to look good you are going to have to pay, even if the fee is small.
  • What languages can you translate to?
    Unless you can provide the translation I won't be able to write in any other language besides English.
  • Why Squarespace? (For the custom landing page)
    I'm not a designer. Squarespace however is cheap (from $8 per month) and allows one to easily make a (truly) beautiful website using drag and drop. Furthermore with squarespace you don't have to worry about hosting, when your app goes viral and you get a million hits in a day it will be running!
  • How does the custom landing page work?
    Once I know you are 100% happy with the site I will hand over the username and password to you (with instructions of how to change them immediately of course). You can then leave the website up and never worry about it again if you don't want to!
  • How big can the app be?
    Make sure that your idea isn't too big (I won't be able to build the next Facebook) and is more or less worth the asking price of $25 dollars. However if you're not sure give the service a go and if it's not right for me I will make 100% sure that you're not charged!
  • Do you speak English well?
    My English is 100% perfect as it is my native speaking language!
  • Can I explain my idea to you over Skype or other voice calling services?
    Sure! I am 100% to talk to you over absolutely any medium.