I will write unique personalized rhymes or marketing slogans


About This Gig

To leave a lasting impression,
Create an unforgettable session
Drop a vibrant word to freshen,
And you'll leave a smiling expression.

For your business or life,
For your family or wife,
In the passing of time,
Make it last with a rhyme!

Look around, have a dig,
But here it is , this is the gig. 
Give it a go, have a diver,
Because everyone needs a little fiverr! 

Order Details

Rhymes, Jingles or Poems basic

Please send all the info and I will write back with a custom rhyme to suit your needs :)

  • Commercial Use
4 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do poems for ... ?
    Yes, please give as much detail as possible about the recipient or what message you want to convey.