I will tell you the karmic lessons you need to learn this lifetime

tell you the karmic lessons you need to learn this lifetime

About This Gig

What karmic influences have you brought from your past life? This KARMIC INSIGHT report will help you understand the life lessons that you need to learn for your soul development. Here's what you'll get from this six-chapter report:

Chapter 1: Accumulated karmic tendencies that you carry from your past incarnated experiences on earth. 

Chapter 2: Primary creative thrust for this lifetime, those qualities you are to develop (or further develop) and express, and your current life focus.

Chapter 3: Indicates your soul's function and thus a key part of your destiny.

Chapter 4: Energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears.

Chapter 5: MAJOR LIFE CHALLENGES, which are the result of struggles and unresolved karmic issues that you have come into this life with. 

Chapter 6: GIFTS and STRENGTHS which can help you as you work with your major life challenges.

What We Need
  • Birth Time (e.g. 6:15 PM)
  • Birth Date (Month, Date, Year)
  • Birth Place (City, Country)

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