I will create a compatibility report for a friend or lover

create a compatibility report for a friend or lover

About This Gig

Ever wonder how well you match with your BFF, business partner, or a potential partner? Well, the good news is you can find out in this three-chapter (3-page) compatibility report. Here's what you'll get:

Chapter 1:  Learn about your temperaments and personalities. Is one partner sloppy and the other one neat? This chapter will tell you if you can live with each other's quirks and idiosyncrasies or if you will just hit the road and never look back.

Chapter 2: Understand the important themes in your relationship. Will the relationship be steaming hot or will you be stuck in a passionless marriage? If it's with a friend or business partner, will you be able to trust them with your deepest, darkest secrets? Or hold your hand when times get rough?

Chapter 3: Be aware of the minor themes in your relationship. While they may not exert as much influence as the major themes, they can soften or strengthen the overall relationship.

What We Need
  • Birth Time (e.g. 6:15 PM)
  • Birth Date (Month, Date, Year)
  • Birth Place (City, Country)

**Not only can you get this for yourself, but this also makes a fantastic gift for friends and family!**

THIS IS A STEAL. $5 for a report that usually sells at $15 - $25!

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