I will do vedic astrological consultation for you

do vedic astrological consultation for you
do vedic astrological consultation for you

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Description Answer 1 question about your life. Answer 3 question about your life Detailed analysis of ur birth chart
  I can answer on health, wealth, good/bad period, married life, profession, health (audio rec or doc) Same topics as basic. I wont answer questions related to longevity, progeny, divorce.(Audio Rec) Detailed Audio Rec (30 to 45min) will be shared with you along with your brith chart report (PDF)
Delivery time 2 days
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About This Gig

I was a skeptic who thought astrology is useless without knowing "A" of Astrology. Due to some circumstances I started to learn Vedic Astrology and after doing lot of research and analysis fell in love with astrology. Astrology is an amazing science. 

I do not go  only by theories but apply these theories in a number of charts to see how to draw conclusion. Hence I do lot of research.  

Astrology is a great road map or guide which can clearly inform you about your life patterns, it can tell you what kind of life patterns are seen from your chart and how to use it best to grow in your life. Please understand once you understand these patterns you can work on these patterns to improve your life. 

I will help you to know about almost all aspects of your life except for progeny, divorce or longevity (As I am no God) and will leave it to existence to take care of it. 
You can ask me questions related to health, wealth, profession, education, luck, spirituality, property, vehicles, married life, good and bad time period and everything else. 

I need your date of birth, place of brith and time of birth.