I will dominate your local competitors with this ebook

dominate your local competitors with this ebook

About This Gig

More Customers: The Ultimate Local Marketing Playbook

Learn proven methods of driving customers and customer retention. This Ebook provides detailed knowledge about how businesses of any size and in any business category can use online and offline marketing tactics as a part of a successful overall business strategy.

• Business owners and marketers

• Entrepreneurs

• Marketing specialists

• Wantrepreneurs

Rather than searching the web and compiling information that would take months perhaps years to do, I’ve taken the time to do it for you. This Ebook can be used as a reference guide, or to learn more about what your marketing consultant is doing with your money. Here’s a list of local industries this system could surely work for.

• Auto Service Marketing

• Home Services Marketing

• Lawyer & legal Marketing

• Physician Marketing

• Heating & Air Marketing

• Carpet Store Marketing

With this Ebook you are going to learn how to leverage the web to open up doors of opportunities for more customers, more exposure, more referrals and revenue.