I will predict your Future ACCURATELY using Vedic Astrology

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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by aurgize 1 day ago
Very thorough, detailed and insightful. Definitely recommend to others, and happy to have received thorough and thoughtful work.
Reviewed by imprsivdesign 2 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kathalopez 8 days ago
Thank you! Excellent. A great experience. I would recommend!
Reviewed by cheshachesha 13 days ago
Lots of time and attention put into this. Worth every cent!
Reviewed by jenwa01 18 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by slenderelegant 24 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jillianpress about 1 month ago
Very fast responsive from the seller, and some very interesting information. Recommended if you're curious or need some direction!
Reviewed by icedgrape about 1 month ago
Delivered as promised!
Reviewed by zen1818 about 1 month ago
Kind & quick seller! But after I ordered and submitted my question, I was asked for very specific details (length & nature of friendship, their profession, their personality, etc.) When the order was delivered, I was disappointed to see the information I provided used verbatim throughout the reading. Didn't seem authentic, even for entertainment.
Reviewed by jab0523 about 1 month ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by chazmanski about 2 months ago
A detailed report which one can understand. Nicely presented. Interesting. Of course, now I must await its accuracy. However, my wish is that what is mentioned in the report comes true in all aspects. Thank you.
Reviewed by ghosthunter044 about 2 months ago
Very good and very quick. Thank you for the guidance and advise.
Reviewed by fergus66 about 2 months ago
predict your Future ACCURATELY using Vedic Astrology
predict your Future ACCURATELY using Vedic Astrology

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  Answer your question in around 200 words using vedic astrology. Answer your question in 400-500 words+Remedies for any flaw detected in your birth chart. Answer your question in 400-500 words + Remedies + Gemstone Recommendation
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About This Gig

About me: I'm a professional vedic astrologer with an experience of over 17 years. Since then I'm providing astrological services like birth chart/kundli and horoscope reading, match making, gemstone recommendation, birth-time rectification. 

About this Gig:
You can ask me any ONE question regarding your future or present problems or your past. I'll be happy to predict it in detail. 
I will also provide you easy and efficient remedies for any trouble detected in horoscope.
For EXTRA QUESTIONS you can check out my gig extras.
Requirements:    1. Birthdate. 2. Birthtime. 3. Birthplace.4. Gender.

I can predict many important aspects of your life like :
-Marriage timing, Married life, Details of future spouse. 
-Love life, love partner. 
-Education and studies. 
-Career and profession. 
-Money, wealth, inheritance. 
-Health and well-being: like prediction of diseases and surgery.
-Parents, Children and other relatives. 
-Remedies for various troubles and problems in life.
And Many More...

You can ask a SINGLE question per basic order. For more questions you can buy my Gig Extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will you predict my query?
    I''l provide the prediction based on vedic astrology which is an ancient and vast Indian astrological science.
  • Is Vedic astrology same as black magic or other superstitious techniques?
    No Vedic astrology is PURELY a science. It determines effect of planets and stars on an individual based on geographical coordinates. It involves mathematical and logical reasoning which derives impact of astronomical and celestial bodies on living beings.
  • Can you predict about marriage?
    Yes sure. I can predict marriage timing, nature of future spouse and married life.
  • In which language you provide the prediction report?
  • Can I communicate my doubts after getting the report?
    Of course, you are most welcome always. I'll be happy to clear all your doubts related to the report, till you get satisfied.
  • Can you help me plan my upcoming surgery?
    Yes. I can predict favorable time for surgeries for optimum healing and speedy recovery.
  • Can you predict about my love life?
    Yes I can predict about your love partner, time of meeting your soul mate, harmony in relationship.
  • What all you can predict regarding health and well being?
    I can predict about any disease or ailment you are prone in future, help you avoid injury and accidents and plan your medical treatment and surgery.
  • What wil you predict regarding career?
    I can predict about suitable career option for you, success in career, hurdles and their remedies.
  • What kind of remedies you provide?
    Remedies I provide are a intelligent blend of recommendation of sages and my innovation according to modern time. All the remedies are tested and proven.