I will provide notes on 20 pages of your screenplay

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provide notes on 20 pages of your  screenplay

About This Gig

I know what makes movies work: an interesting story and compelling dialogue. If you're a serious screenwriter, you know these things too. But as a writer myself, I know that the hardest thing in the world is to provide objective criticism on your own work, especially if it's something that you've just written. 

I will use my knowledge of film storytelling and literary techniques to give you detailed notes on all/part of your sceenplay.  

My review will include basic grammar and spelling checks from a second source, but much more importantly, the real valuable gold dollar stuff:
style troubleshooting;  dialogue revision; narrative reaction and suggestion; form edits to make your screenplay look professional; and a general does-this-make-sense check.

I have over four years of experience editing short stories, poetry, and screenwriting. I can help you improve the quality of your work tremendously for an unbeatable price.

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