I will master your song or dialogue

master your song or dialogue

About This Gig

Hello There! 

I am a full time pro audio mastering engineer working both on mastering music and dialogue on a daily basis. It would be a privilege to work on your project! I have over 12 years experience and credits include mastering music featured on Sony, Columbia, Fools Gold Records, 2020 Vision for an on behalf of UK & US official chart artists.

All Genres welcome! 

File Preparation:

It´s the best to send your pre master at the highest resolution of your original project in .wav or .aiff format

Please please allow -3db headroom. 

What to expect:

  • - Improving the clarity, definition and warmth.
  • - Optimising the overall dynamics and peak volume levels.
  • - Remove Unwanted Noise like clicks, pops, hiss.
  • - Advanced Signal Processing, Compression & EQ not available elsewhere.
  • - Bass management, Stereo Widening, Mastering Reverb
  • - Dithering / Repair & Salvage jobs accepted – All masters come with Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) & mastering grade encoded MP3 Masters FREE!
  • - Red-Book Specification Master, ready for Duplication

I will ensure your track has industry standard mastering, ready for release. 

  • One 5$ Gig = 1 Song
  • Song Length: up to 8 min  (order 2+ for a longer tracks)

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision