I will show you how to get to Google Top 10

show you how to get to Google Top 10

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  Overall facts of an URL. Your site or your competition sites, keywords, rank, authority, backlinks 50 keywords See below or get free "Guide/Content Glossary" available upon request by email. PER URL -50 keywords and 50 links Get free "Guide/Content Glossary" upon request by email.
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About This Gig

"Great data is only great if you understand what to do with it."

Free "Guides/Content Glossaries" for each report are available upon request, to allow you to see the data you will get. Pls email us.
- DOMAIN PROFILE: Overall facts of an URL. Your site or your competition sites, keywords, rank, authority, backlinks, etc. (Free with any of our gigs purchase above $10).

- KEYWORDS ANALYSIS: List of niche keywords (money and longtail) includes for each: Difficulty level to rank, CPC, Competition, quantity of searches, Trust Flow, quantity of referring domains, Google Top site. You will also be able to strategically choose keywords that could be easier to rank for and still be profitable.

PREMIUM (includes both reports below):
- BACKLINKING ANALYTICS PER URL: Links from/to, Trust Flow rating, anchor text, etc.

We recommend you not only get the above reports for your site but also get all of them on your competition sites. You will understand why and how they are ranking on the Top 10 results of Google.

*See the extra gig for full competitive analysis of any individual keywords showing your weakest competitor on the Top 10 sites*


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Domain TrustFlow?
    TrustFlow is a highly respected metric that indicates the domain's overall SE0 value (it ranges from 0 to 100). The higher the value, the more likely all of the pages of the domain are to rank well in Google.
  • What is Google ranking?
    The quantity of keywords that the site is ranking for, in the top 100 search results of Google for the country targeted.
  • What are Total Backlinks?
    The total number of backlinks aimed at the site, including multiple links from the same site.
  • What is the Difficulty Level?
    It is an estimate (from 0 to 100) of how difficult it will be to rank for the specific keyword and country in Google.
  • What is the Competition Ratio?
    It is the amount of competition among AdWords advertisers bidding on the keyword. Advertiser competition is a good indication of how valuable the keyword is and how well visitors searching for this keyword convert into buyers.
  • What is Value?
    The estimated monthly value of having a page ranked #1 for this keyword based on the number of monthly searches and the average cost per click (CPC). This shouldn't be considered the estimated value of market sales, as advertisers expect to have a margin above what they pay for advertising.
  • What is CPC?
    CPC stands for 'Cost Per Click', and is the average amount of money AdWords advertisers are willing to pay for each visitor who clicks on their ad in Google. The higher the CPC, the more valuable you can assume each visitor you get from Google for these keywords will be.