I will help you FIND lost objects using my psychic medium gifts

help you FIND lost objects using my psychic medium gifts

About This Gig

Objective: Hello beautiful spirits!  Using my remote viewing, I can see in REAL TIME what is happening somewhere else in the world.  I will combine remote viewing, energy reading, and my psychic medium abilities to get you one step closer to knowing where to look for that misplaced object.  Let's see who comes through for you!

  • I am a natural born reader, psychic medium, remote viewer, and aura reader
  • I have the natural ability to see and talk to deceased loved ones, guardian angels, and other unworldly entities.
  • I connect to each person's energy field individually.  That allows me to telepathically see your aura, aura colors, and feel your energy vibrations.
  • The combination of my gifts allow me to tap into your energy field to see and communicate with your guides, so they answer the questions you want answered.
  • I am a real spiritual healer and possess real gifts.  I may not always tell you what you would LIKE to hear but I always communicate to you what "they" WANT you to know!

-Love, Aurahealer :)

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Help you find LOST objects

(Approx. 150 WORDS) Using 6 BULLET POINTS I will use remote viewing and my psychic medium gifts!