I will provide a MEDIUM psychic reading of 1to3qs

provide a MEDIUM psychic reading of 1to3qs

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  Approx. (150 WORDS) --1 full paragraph! Including ELABORATE details & an ACCURATE ANSWER! Approx. (250 WORDS) --2 full paragraphs! Including an ENERGY READING & PSYCHIC ADVICE! Approx. (350 WORDS) --1 full page! Including an ENERGY READING & PSYCHIC ADVICE!
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About This Gig

Objective: To answer your 1-3 questions in complete detail, very descriptively.  Let's see who comes through for you!

  • I am a natural born reader, psychic medium, remote viewer, and aura reader

  • I have the natural ability to see and talk to deceased loved ones, guardian angels, and other unworldly entities.

  • I connect to each person's energy field individually.  That allows me to telepathically see your aura, aura colors, and feel your energy vibrations.

  • The combination of my gifts allow me to tap into your energy field to see and communicate with your guides, so they answer the questions you want answered.

  • I am a real spiritual healer and possess real gifts.  I may not always tell you what you would LIKE to hear but I always communicate to you what "they" WANT you to know!

-Love, Aurahealer :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What About The Negative Reviews? I'm Weary About Trying Aurahealer...
    Some individuals resent me for being unconventionally honest! Spirit told them what they NEEDED to hear versus coddling them with what they WANTED to hear! Often times, this results in low ratings and negative reviews. Keep in mind, I do NOT shuffle cards or swing necklaces! I talk to the dead! :)
  • What Makes You Different From Other Fiverr Psychics?
    As stated in my profile, I am a natural born energy reader, psychic medium, remote viewer, and aura reader. I DO NOT use tarot cards, crystals, or spells to communicate. I tune in to the spirit world and get my information directly from beings on the other side. I do NOT use cards as a crutch.
  • How Do You Conduct Your Readings?
    I communicate to the spirit realm with my psychic medium abilities. Angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and entities speak to me as well as give me visions to interpret for you.
  • Will My Questions Be Answered In Detail?
    Yes! I will descriptively describe the visions given to me to interpret for you. I will relate (verbatim) the messages spirit needs you to know. Think of me as a spiritual telephone and Fiverr being the speaker button! I got you my lovelies!