I will do anything Programming and Tech

do anything Programming and Tech

About This Gig

I have more than 15 years of experience with computers and programming. I started programming in DOS (I have used dos 5, dos 6, dos 6.22) when windows was non-existent and at that time I used to program in qBASIC, gwBASIC, C (using turbo C) and assembly using masm. I started programming windows using Visual C++ in about 2000 when windows 2000 was just released. But soon I switched to Linux and Redhat Linux 7 was my first linux operating system.

I know programming in C/C++, Assembly, Java, PHP/HTML.

In the field I have worked in GNU C/C++, Java and PHP/HTML/Javascript and have built many serious programs, servers of different kinds, chat servers etc.

I am an expert in Database designing and administration and have worked in many databases starting with Oracle, mysql, postgresql, cassandra etc. In my last employment I was known for my database designing skills.

My skills also include advanced systems, like multi-threaded and distributed systems. One of the most advanced systems I built was Pegasus which was multi-threaded, distributed and masterless with a provision to grow without limits.

I can do anything from building things from scratch to optimizing them for speed and parallelism

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