I will cast a spell that makes the effect of other spells much greater

cast a spell that makes the effect of other spells much greater

About This Gig

My name is Aurin. At a young age I was recognized as having extremely powerful psychic powers. My parents taught me to use these powers, using their knowledge that was passed on to them by their parents. I was trained to advanced level at the College of Psychic Studies in London. I have dedicated my life to using my abilities to help other people and companies. I have clients, from all over the world, who return after many months to report on my effectiveness and to ask for further assistance.

What you get:

If you have recently visited an individual who has cast a spell on you or purchased a gig on Fiverr, but you don't feel the effect or you want the effect amplified greatly, I will cast an extremely powerful spell on you that will do this! The spell is unique and has been used successfully hundreds of times by my clients.

This spell will EXTREMELY amplify the effect of the spell, therefore I do not cast the spell for curses that may have been placed on someone, as the result may be dangerous.

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Amplify other spells

Make the effect of other spells much greater

2 days delivery