I will do your basic Akashic Record Reading

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do your basic Akashic Record Reading
do your basic Akashic Record Reading
do your basic Akashic Record Reading

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Description Basic Akashic Record Reading Akashic Record Reading & Clearing Akashic Record Clearing & Past Life
  I will determine your soul group, your energy centre as well as any blockages, spells and curses. I will determine your soul group, your energy centre, as well as any blockages etc with clearing. I will do your Akashic Record reading, clearing of blockages and one past life.
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About This Gig

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. These records connect each one of us to one another. They contain the stimulus for every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever deeply touched patterns of human behavior and experience. They have been the inspiration for dreams and inventions.

They draw us toward or repel us from one another. They mold and shape levels of human consciousness. They are a portion of Divine Mind.

They are the unbiased judge and jury that attempt to guide, educate, and transform every individual to become the very best that she or he can be. They embody an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures that are called into potential as we humans interact and learn from the data that has already been accumulated.

Learn in the Akashic Records what your soul group is, what your energy centre is, all about past life lessons, vows, karma, contracts etc that can have an affect on your life.

Learn about life lessons you need to learn, about your life purpose, your blueprint, connect with your spirit guides and get a message from them!