I will write an engaging 500 word blog or web post for $5

write an engaging 500 word blog or web post
write an engaging 500 word blog or web post

About This Gig

Engage your readers and most of all delight them with the latest and most relevant content that's perfect for your blog or website. Each content article will motivate your readers to comment on or share on social media!

The content I create will be solely adapted and crafted for the purposes of your website. Send me a message first to check if I am able to write on your topic. 

You can be assured of accurate precise information from credible sources in an interesting style suitable for your audience. I also work to ensure timely submission.


Please note:

1. This gig is for a topic specific 500-word article within 2 days. If you would like a longer article or faster delivery times please check out the add-on charges below.

2. Addition of any images for the article will include extra charges.

3. Please inform of the topic you have in mind for the article, or if you have a blog/website, you could send me a link so I could match your writing style.


Thanks for looking through my listing. Have a great day ahead!