I will provide 50000 unique Australian BUSINESSES leads

provide 50000 unique Australian BUSINESSES leads

About This Gig

I am working for more than 20 years as an Australian Email Marketer and I found out that by going deeper and being specific on your campaigns you get far better results and ROI. When you can fuel this concept with thousands, unique and fresh resources your success is guaranteed. 

Don’t tell me that you really believe that only 1-2 thousands leads, gathered years ago, that have been sold around 500+ times from other publishers will help you achieve something….


  • You will get 50.000 of specific Leads for: BUSINESSES
  • localdirectories.com.au Australian directory was used as a base to extract all the leads
  • This directory is filled with businesses - potential clients
  • I repeat this procedure often to keep the list updated and I solely created it and maintain it
  • You will get a work process description and keywords as proofs


  • No duplicates
  • Only mails will be provided
  • The verification procedure is very time consuming so the leads have not been checked or verified. Thus bounce and succession rate cannot be guaranteed
  • You will find some mails from other location around the globe as they were also in the webpages crawled per keyword. As a result some refine may be required