I will do an awesome video testimonial in an Australian accent

Outstanding and with integrity, thank you.
Reviewed by jezweb almost 2 years ago
Thanks for the video, it's just what I expected. I didn't expect the extra though! Thanks for that.
Reviewed by chanetsa about 3 years ago
Mate, you're AWESOME! beautifully done! Delivered in under an hour. Thank you...
Reviewed by jseses about 3 years ago
great gig
Reviewed by businessscope over 3 years ago
Thank you so much, I am astounded at your presentation and will proudly be using the video on my web site. Gypsy Rose Psychic Sydney Australia 0405192225
Reviewed by gypsyrose_1958 over 3 years ago
Great Gig. Super Fast Turnaround time and delivered to specifications! Many Thanks.
Reviewed by trancerman over 3 years ago
It was great! Thanks!
Reviewed by marmaladeheaven over 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by gkfitness2013 almost 3 years ago
The volume was way too low for us to really hear, but he said it worked fine for everybody else and he had completed the gig to the stated specifications. We really couldn't use what he gave us and he didn't modify it. Maybe you will have better success with his work than we had.
Reviewed by jtjtjtjt about 3 years ago
Champion! Love your work!
Reviewed by bsoscout over 3 years ago
Thank you so much for accepting my order. Very nicely done.
Reviewed by gdmforex over 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by robbenwell over 3 years ago
Awesome. Over delivered. Will use again.
Reviewed by braydond over 3 years ago
We were truly delighted with our product review. Plausible and highly professional. If you want an Australian accent with a flair for speaking, look no further. This is your man. A +++.
Reviewed by carolespiers over 3 years ago
Great gig! Easy to work with. Finished the gig even when he was sick! Trooper. Will use again for sure.
Reviewed by businessscope over 3 years ago
Australian voice is great. He made 3 great reviews to choose. Thanks
Reviewed by headit over 3 years ago
Excellent, well done!
Reviewed by leanne65 over 3 years ago
good stuff
Reviewed by seoking8486 over 3 years ago
Great! Exactly how I was hoping it would be.
Reviewed by samyoul over 3 years ago
Thanks! Great work!
Reviewed by nattsurfaren over 3 years ago
do an awesome video testimonial in an Australian accent
do an awesome video testimonial in an Australian accent

About This Gig

I can do a believable video, or sell something for you. I have an Australian accent, and can be very convincing and fun! Just watch an example! http://vimeo.com/37046676 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyTiRJKsHjs Send me a script or some points to talk about, and I'll do the rest. :) The gig will be recorded with a 10MP Logitech Camera, audio will be recorded in high quality mono.