I will be Your Girlfriend on Facebook and Post Whatever Is Desired

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be Your Girlfriend on Facebook and Post Whatever Is Desired

About This Gig

$5 Facebook Girlfriend At Your Service!!!!

Do you feel like turning heads, receiving attention from your friends, or making an ex jealous, by "Having me as you Facebook Girlfriend"?

If so, it is a wonderful thing that you and I have found each other!!!
For $5, I will add you as a friend (Until you Unfriend Us) and be in a relationship with you (or whatever status you would like) for 5 days.

I will write on your wall and/or comment on a post by you (3 X total daily) which would be 15 total for 5 days @ $5.

 I will also like your photos and comment on some of them randomly if you prefer. 

I am excellent in creating genuine looking online relationships, through well thought-out posts, pictures, and comments on your post. You will personally surprised how believable this relationship will look.

If you have something in particular that you would want me to do, (within the limits of Pretend Facebook Girlfriends That Is) please, let me know!!!!

And Remember:
All of this will look completely authentic, My photos will be visible to your friends and other contacts Goer's.  I have a very active Facebook account with nearly friends.

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