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write a book blurb

About This Gig

NOTE: Please note timeline for completion of orders. Thank you.

 I do NOT write reviews! This gig is for the purchase of ONE book blurb/description.

Blurbs are book descriptions, not reviews. 

In order to create your fiction blurb, respond to these few questions in separate messages or a doc:

1. Write your best effort of a blurb for this book/s. 
2. Genre?
3. Who is the hero/heroine?
4. Who or what is the antagonist?
5. What does the hero/heroine have to do?
6. Why are they the only one that can do it?
7. What stands in their way?
8. What will happen if they don't meet their goal?

Please do not send your manuscript. I won't read it.

For nonfiction, provide as much info as possible. The above questions do not apply. I need a feel for your voice and need details as to your subject matter.

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5 days delivery


This includes a new blurb or a rewrite of your existing description.