I will be your living oracle answering your questions

be your living oracle answering your questions

About This Gig

Hello and welcome! You’re in the right site, place and time. A bit about me: During my teenage years the divinity started to deliver answers to my yes or no questions feeling the answers in my whole body, finding out later how amazingly accurate the answers were.

Years later I decided to learn about tarot cards. I have 10 years giving answers and guidance to people around the world. And now I’m here in fiverr.

Today I’m giving you my New Arrival Promo: you’ll get a max of 4 questions answered in detail for $5. If you don’t ask 4 questions in your 1st service I’ll give you a ticket for your remaining questions, so you can ask me again in another time. Don’t worry your ticket doesn’t expires.


My in-depth insights includes:

· The pros and cons of your issue
· Ways to improve your situation
· Issues out of your reach
· Timelines
· And more…

All answers are accurate, channeled through Tarot cards and my bound with the divinity, delivering your answers in pdf format.  

I don’t answer questions related to: politics, lottery, death or medical advices.

It’s always a pleasure to answer your questions. Life is a long journey… Let’s travel together! 

Order Details

3 days delivery