I will do Amazing Editing Services in English or Spanish

do Amazing Editing Services in English or Spanish

About This Gig

Great editing can be the difference between a boring book nobody wants to read and a best-seller.

For just $5 I will professionally edit up to 250 words in English or Spanish with perfect grammar, localization and best of all, a style that is engaging and will keep your readers begging for more from you.

  • Not sure if your sales letter is captivating enough?
  • Want to market your product but you don't know if the landing page or other materials are presented in an interesting enough way?
  • Have you worked hard to put all your brightest thoughts into a book, but you don’t have enough writing experience to feel confident that customers will like it?

We can help! I am currently the number one English/Spanish translator on Fiverr, and I want to go for more. I have teamed up with a professional editor with more than 10 years of experience, and we've been releasing books on Kindle and paperback with results that are skyrocketing us toward becoming a major powerhouse in editing services. Try us, and you'll see a world of difference. More than 2k positive reviews back me up.

24H DELIVERY works like this : If you need 250 words delivered in 24h then buy 1 gig + $5 EXTRA FAST = $10 Total