I will do design logo from me

do design logo from me

About This Gig

Here I will offer to you all, who needs a logo or just for fun book to my logo. it is on offer is very beautiful, attractive and make customer be happy. The logo that we offer it could be a letter, even though vectors. You will get a .psd format, jpg, gif, .ai or according to your wishes. Logo is on offer is not only suitable for the website but can also be put on a business card, the design of t-shirts, and whatever.

With the low prices offered can make you save more money that can be used for other purposes.

just need time 24 hours to completed

The advantage to create a logo with Us:
- You can explain the desired 
- Can make logo with a vector or a simple
- Order quickly with a relatively short time
- The price is cheap, because it makes  elsewhere until costs $ 100 or more
- There are many other advantages that can not be revealed one by one

If you are not satisfied with  that we made you can have the chance to tell us. Thanks