I will translate any text from English into German

translate any text from English into German

About This Gig

Guten Tag! Moin! Wie geht's? If you need an English text of up to 400 words translated into German language, I can help you out. I'm an 19-year-old native German student who is studying the IB diploma in Berlin. Using any kind of translation software is entirely against my principles. All you get is manual translation work, done with the best of my knowledge. Amongst others, I translated for Yahoo Germany, Twitter, Mp3va and Cuil, several iPhone apps, a French comedian's sites, online gaming sites, poker websites and several press releases as well as adult entertainment and travel sites. I can handle texts from nearly every industry. I will work on every order until you are entirely satisfied, even provide you with detailed explanations for my choice of words. Every buyer is welcome. If you're unsure, please contact me in advance.

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5 days delivery