I will explain your science or math question

explain your science or math question

About This Gig

I'll write a clear and useful explanation for any science or math question. Whether you're a student with a specific problem, a parent trying to help with homework, or just a human who's curious about science, I'll tailor my explanation to your needs. 

I deliver a one-to-two-page PDF file that's sure to enlighten and intrigue. Plus, feel free to ask a follow-up question or two! 

Topics I cover: Biology (basic, ecology), Chemistry (basic, analytical, organic), Math (basic, algebra, calculus, statistics), Physics (Newtonian mechanics, relativity), General Science (ACT science, the scientific method, history, etc.) 

If you've got a question, please reach out to me. I've got a passion for explaining science and I'd love to answer it! 

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Answer Science/Math Question

Includes 1-2 page PDF explaining any science or math question, plus 1 informal follow-up question

2 days delivery
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