I will be your ADHD Coach

be your ADHD Coach
be your ADHD Coach
be your ADHD Coach
be your ADHD Coach
be your ADHD Coach
be your ADHD Coach

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Description ADD/ADHD Career or Life Coaching 50 min- ADD/ADHD Career Management ADD/ADHD Executive Leadership
  Socializing Organization Procrastination Impulsivity Socialization Aggression 50 min Communications Career management Teamwork Project management Deliverables 75 min Be a great leader & be admired & respected. Managing time & Priorities.
Delivery Time 10 days 10 days 10 days
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About This Gig

NOTE: This is a 15 Minute Gig

You may be restless, disorganized and at times, all over the place. I will provide you with some effective strategies to improve your success in your work/career (environment) including the following:

  1. Better health strategies that incorporate selective eating & exercise habits.
  2. Goal setting, planning & executing.
  3. Managing distraction, improve focus, time management, and productivity and organization skills.
  4. Improve social skills, reduce conflict, and improve comprehension
  5. Overcoming procrastination, feelings of being overwhelmed, stress reduction and how to better achieve results and complete initiatives
  6. Learn better listening strategies and cognitive processing methodologies.
  7. Learn about verbal and nonverbal communication cues and styles & the benefits of active listening.
  8. How to control impulsive feelings and behaviors
  9. How we will boost your self esteem or self confidence by better understand who you are as an ADD/ADHD individual
  10. Control emotional sensitivity, anger & outbursts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the "add one revision" work?
    By selecting to add one revision, you effectively have purchased (in advance) a follow up/second 15 minute session.
  • Is it really 10 days to deliver this gig?
    No, actually it takes the amount of time in a gig to deliver it, however, many times the client is unable to arrange a mutual time to connect and in this case, I prefer to state 10 days to prevent a late delivery. If you, the client are able to connect quickly it can be done between 12 to 36 hours.