I will evaluate a new business or concept or service or product

evaluate a new business or concept or service or product
evaluate a new business or concept or service or product
evaluate a new business or concept or service or product

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Description Basic Conceptual Gig 60 minute Strategy session 90 minute Strategy & Execution
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About This Gig

NOTE: This is a 15 minute Gig
Have you a great idea/concept - for a new business venture?
Have an invention, product or service, but not sure what or how to make it happen?
How about a smartphone app or web-based business, but don't know how to bring it all together, or if it will be a success?
Maybe you have a solid idea, business to open, product that is near prototype completion or testing, & now ready to present to potential investors or Venture Capital Firms - but lack the experience or confidence on how to go about doing this?
Many people have great ideas, some are great ideas, but the reality of executing the idea can be daunting. Some people will not pursue their vision/dream. Some people go for it - maybe with guts & glory, maybe due to naivety, maybe with blind faith & hope. What is important, regardless of any situation, is to have a professional help you (along the way) with your project to protect your interests, make you aware of the realities in realizing your project, informing U of the upside & downside, costs, time & what the competitive landscape is, in terms of your odds of success & potential for failure. An unbiased, experienced & professional coach is what U need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it really 10 days to deliver this gig?
    No, actually it takes the amount of time in a gig to deliver it, however, many times the client is unable to arrange a mutual time to connect and in this case, I prefer to state 10 days to prevent a late delivery. If you, the client are able to connect quickly it can be done between 12 to 36 hours.
  • Adding a revision option - what does this mean?
    The means that you have effectively purchased (i advance) a follow up session. So if you would like speak, lets say after an interview or an event of sorts - with me to discuss and perhaps evaluate... its paid for in advance at a reduced rate.