I will create 10 High Quality Sound Effects for you

create 10 High Quality Sound Effects for you
create 10 High Quality Sound Effects for you

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Description Basic Package StandArt Package Premium User Package
  You get the basic 10 - Unique - Sound Effects for $5 in 0-4 Days. The Package that fits perfectly, no matter the situation! You get 21 Unique Sound Effects. This is the most worthy package as you receive 5 Sound effects (a total of 47 Sound Effects) free!
SFX are custom-made for the unique needs of the buyer (i.e., not stock).
Number of SFX
The number of sound effects included.
10 21 47
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About This Gig

Sound effects are essential for any type of project, business or masterwork of yours, you name it! It will add a final but necessary touch to your project to not only make it better - but perfect!

For only $5 you'll get 10 High Quality, unique* Sound Effects
which are available in any format - again, you name it!

To prove that I gurantee the best experience for each of my customers, I don't only offer a fast response time, I also gurantee that your purchase is continous - this expresses that if you decide to purchase 2 Gigs, you also will receive 20 Sound Effects (if you need that many) - and not only a scammy 18!

And to top it all off, it is guranteed that Your sound effects will be newly made, they will not be grabbed off of an online audio-library, nor will you receive any pre-recorded sounds to ensure you get a copyright-free piece of sound which you can use in any way you like fitting all your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about Commercial use?
    I have a few rules on commercial use about projects made by you and me; If you want to use these sounds within any Commercial Project, please let me know and purchase the "commercial use" extra. You cannot re-sell any Sounds made by me.
  • What if I don't purchase the Commercial-Use Extra?
    I cannot prove that customers use the Sounds created by me in any Commercial Project, yet It'd be the right thing to do, wouldn't it? I've chosen a reasonable price to support you and your cause :) If there's any problem about this extra, message me and we'll work something out - together!
  • Are my sound grabbed off of an audio-library?
    No, all sounds you receive are made by me - and me only. You'll never find these on any website, anywhere, guaranteed. If you have doubts, I can send you Project files. These usually cost something, but for my customers they are completely free!
  • Do I receive revisions?
    Short answer: Yes, you do! Buzzfeed-Answer: There's a few limitations, if the vast size of your project would completely take up all my time, I may or may not be able to rework all of your effects. However, if you're unhappy with only some of them I'll be happy to re-create them for you!
  • Your packages are listed with 0 Revisions each!
    Yes, they are. I prefer a personally-handled revision process as these make it easier and guarantee better results. If you need revisions, just tell me which ones you want revised and I'll start working on them. See "Do I receive revisions?" for more information!
  • Why don't you have any ratings (as of yet)?
    I recently deleted my old Fiverr Profile accounting for over about 50 ratings in a fairly short period of time. I have received orders already but waiting for someone pleasant to come along and leave a review for me! (That could be you!)