I will provide an ACTIONABLE user test of your website for $5

1 Revision Included / 3 Days On Average
provide an ACTIONABLE user test of your website
provide an ACTIONABLE user test of your website
provide an ACTIONABLE user test of your website
provide an ACTIONABLE user test of your website

About This Gig

★★★ I will provide an ACTIONABLE user test of your website ★★★

Sometimes we miss things that aren't working well for our site visitors because we are TOO familiar with our own website and its content.  That's why you should have someone else evaluate your website.  

Why pay $50+ on a user testing site?  I will provide a comparable service starting from only $5.

★ I will provide an actionable user test of your website, putting myself in the mindset of whomever you wish and performing the task or tasks you request.  

★ For the basic gig you get a minimum 7 minute screen recording of my interaction with your site, including all mouse movements and a running commentary of what's going through my mind. 

★ For a more in depth test, choose from my gig extras below.  You won`t be disappointed.

★ I'll provide objective comments and suggestions for improvement from the perspective of whomever you want me to portray.

★ My basic gig is not limited to testing one page, but, if you require me to register or sign-up on your site, please order the gig extra for the longer test.   

*No gambling, drugs, adult, astrology, spiritual healing/mysticism, occult.

★★★ 100% Positive Reviews ★★★

Thanks for looking!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many pages do you test?
    I test multiple pages. Even in the basic gig I will test your homepage and key information pages such as Contact, TOS, Privacy Policy, About Us, FAQ and other key pages linked to from the homepage. Of course, the more time you order, the more in depth the test and the more pages I can check.
  • Do you test shopping cart pages?
    Yes, as long as you order the extra gig for more time and the completion of forms. I use an alias for testing, so no real credit cards or payment information will be used, which means I cannot test an order requiring payment to full completion.
  • Do you test software as a service?
    Yes, I do test SASS applications providing they fall within my technical abilities. Please contact me before ordering and, once I review your information and requirements I can provide a custom offer.
  • What do you check during your test?
    I test you site or application from the perspective or persona you request. I provide feedback on many areas including clarity of the site's purpose, design, usabilty, technical issues, navigation, marketing, even spelling and grammar errors. You can also specify anything you want me to focus on.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    Yes, I may be able to do a custom order for your project even if it is outside the scope of this Gig. Just message me with the details and we can go from there.
  • Can I see an example of one of your tests?
    To protect the privacy of my clients, I do not show completed tests to other parties. My reviews on this gig are 100% positive, so you can be assured of getting excellent value.