I will setup a VPS with WordPress, that can handle over 150 users

setup a VPS with WordPress, that can handle over 150 users

About This Gig

This gig is for an ultra fast, and stable, setup which can support well over 150 simultaneous users without hiccuping.

First I'll setup a server for you with either Amazon AWS, Linode, or Digital Ocean. With Amazon AWS you can get a year for free. Or you can get a VPS with Digital Ocean/Linode for about $5-20/mo.

Next, I'll upgrade all of the base software and kernel on your VPS to ensure you have the latest patches. Then I'll install Nginx w/FastCGI, PHP5.5, PHP-FPM, MySQL (Percona), phpMyAdmin, WP-CLI  and Postfix. As well as Zend OpCache and Memcache support!

Finally, I'll install the latest and greatest version of WordPress with W3 Total Cache and Nginx-Helper plugins installed.

For the price, this is the fastest and toughest setup you will find. No doubt.

I will also load test your server for you with 150 simultaneous users to show you how awesome your new WordPress setup is. And you get all of this for only $5!

For $5 more I'll migrate your existing WordPress site to your brand new VPS!

For $20 more I'll keep your VPS updated with the latest patches for 6 months.

Please contact me if you'd like to see a sample load test. Or, need further details or have any questions about this gig.