I will 45 minutes brainstorm with you

45 minutes brainstorm with you

About This Gig

I will brainstorm with you for 45 minutes about anything you wish, just let me know what about!

I'm a professional singer sharing his life with the technologies!

I share my reading interests with many and varied areas. They float around computer science: technology evolution, hardware and software novelties, programming evolution related (with special interest with C, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL), Content Management Systems, etc. My other professional related interest is regarding Singing: any kind of singing and voice use related. With Singing comes also Music. Not just the "classical" style, as I also love Jazz , Metal, Folk Music, etc.
Not professionally related, I'm also very interested about Astronomy (Universe understanding, future projects and goals); being Portuguese, I find food and social relationships very important!
From the wonders of across the world friendships to the "physical social exclusion", my concerns also fall into these matters.
So many things... I'm actually interested about almost everything. Whenever something comes up, either from a doubt, or a not finished or badly informed conversation, I always end up trying to know more about the theme.

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