I will do DMCA AntiPiracy Service for you

do DMCA AntiPiracy Service for you

About This Gig

If you are an application developer, music/video producer or independant publisher. This service will protect your valuable hard work getting stolen easily on the Internet. I will monitor your product on peer 2 peer torrent sites and search engines. When I found any unauthorized distribution of your hard work, I will report it to the search engines. 

Why should I buy your service? 

Well, mostly because it will increase your revenue by at least 25%. I will monitor your product on keywords. I will take them down as soon as I find any pirated site.

How this work? 

You buy this gig for $25 and I will send you a report of pirated content links. If you want to get rid of those results from search, depends on the quantity of links. I will create a custom order. I will charge $5 per link removal. 

Please leave me a message before buying this gig. 

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