I will analyze the CONTENT of your website

analyze the CONTENT of your website

About This Gig

The treasure of a website is its content. 

I will analyze what is written on your blog or webpage and will also have especially an eye on its usability.

Because all these beautiful parameters like SEO scores and audits, backlinks, social signals etc. are worth nothing, if your content is worth nothing and the usability is crap!

Boring content is not converting!

I will evaluate your project from the content point of view, I will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of your site!

This website check has 4 basic categories

  • Technical Parameters (you can not omit this completely for sure) 
  • Usability
  • The Content (Yep, its KING :-)
  • Conclusion

You will get a in-depth report with a length from 4 to 7 pages, this depends a bit from the screenshots and links I will include.

Be prepared: This report will be without mercy, because: „Its the content, stupid!“ (Bill Clinton said, more or less ;-)

Your webpage MUST be in English, Español or Deutsch, and the report can be written in one of these languages.

Order Details

I will dismantle your website

This offer includes all services mentioned in the Gig description.

7 days delivery