I will humanize automated German translations

humanize automated German translations

About This Gig

Automated translations are a good idea, but if you translate to a nice, but complex language like German you will get very often nonsense, crappy texts.

I will fix that for you!

As a German native and experienced editor / journalist, I will give sense to senseless, heartless, machine translations and make them understandable.

Please have in mind

- This is „I fix what the machine has done“.

- The edited texts will be understandable, but they won´t be „as written or translated from scratch by a German“.

- If you are looking for high class German texts and translations, check out my other Premium Gigs.

- Quality has its price ;-)

The source languages I can handle are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Dutch. Maybe I can do that in some „similar“ languages also, just ask me.

This 5$ Basic Gig contains up to 500 words.

Order Details

6 days delivery

Basic humanizing

Humanize your automated German translations. Up to 500 words.

  • Up to 500 Words